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The mission of our group is to explore various microfluidic technologies (e.g., conventional continuous microfluidics, advanced digital microfluidics, droplet microfluidics, wearable microfluidics, etc.), and apply them to translational applications, with a particular emphasis on human health monitoring. Specifically, we use microfluidic devices as a medium to manipulate and process biofluids/biosamples from humans, as well as to integrate with electronics and biosensors for the purpose of providing continuous and comprehensive views of an individual’s health condition. The achievement of such integrated microfluidic platforms would create a paradigm shift in healthcare: moving away from reactive medicine to proactive medicine, informing timely and preventative actions.​

We also work in synergy with Professor Anderson Shum’s research group and Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation Centre to "accelerate progress in translating advanced biomedical instrumentation from research and development into real-world healthcare solutions that benefit people in Hong Kong and around the world."

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