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We seek outstanding and motivated students who are interested in Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, Chemical, and Material Science techniques to develop the next generation of microfluidic systems for health monitoring and translational applications. Applicants are expected to work within our interdisciplinary research team and conduct projects involoving device fabrication, circuit design, biosensor/bioassay development, system integration, and clinical trials study.



Applicants must have relevant background in at least one of the following areas:

1) Electrical or Mechanical Engineering; 2) Biochemistry or Materials Science; 3) Biomedical Engineering; 4) Strong enthusiasm and dedication.



​​Our group works in synergy with Microfluidics and Soft Matter Group and Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation Centre led by Prof. Anderson Shum. Incoming students/scholars will be co-advised by both Prof. Lin and Prof. Shum, and will have the access to fully equipped and complementary instrumentations from various laboratories. 



Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral applicants with expertise in Microfluidics, Micro/Nano device fabrication, Wearable electronics, Biosensor/Bioassay development are encouraged to apply with their Cover Letters and CVs. Applicants should be prepared to present their previous research works and expected research directions within our groups during the interview.

Graduate Research Position

​Direct Ph.D. positions are open for those students who have strong publication record/research experience/high GPA from top universities. Outstanding candidates will be supported to apply for the HKU Presidential Scholarship. Successful applicants will be trained based on the academia track or the industrial/entrepreneur track according to their own future career goals.

Current admitted master students in HKU who seek research experience and potential Ph.D. opportunities are also encouraged to apply.


Research Assistant

Students with a bachelor’s degree who hope to accumulate more research and development experience for their future graduate school/job applications are encouraged to apply for this position.


Visiting Scholar/Student

​Visiting scholars/students are encouraged to apply for our group to facilitate academic communication, improve candidates’ academic backgrounds, and build relationships among groups both internationally and domestically. Applicants are expected to deliver at least 1 high-impact project during the visiting period. Positions are open for all-level applicants.


Undergraduate Research Position

Undergraduate students who aim to prepare for graduate school or seek guidance for capstone projects are also welcome to contact Dr. Lin directly.  

Contact Information

Haisong Lin


Address: 731, 7/F, Haking Wong Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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